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The Choice to Change


We get points in our lives where something just isn’t working any more and we have a choice to make. The choice to stay the same, or the choice to change. The triggers for realising this choice can come from different places. A seemingly throwaway comment someone makes, something you see or read, some knowledge you gain or perhaps the little voice within you that you can’t ignore any more.

And sometimes the trigger will be such that you realise you just have to change…you risk death if you don’t stop smoking, your partner has cheated on you with someone else and you cannot ignore that knowledge. Or you have new medical advice that you know acting on will help you.

Change is not easy but in some ways a clear trigger can get us to move in the right direction. Because no matter what the trigger is the only thing that can realise and decide to change is you. You might know your next cigarette could kill you. But you might decide that’s a chance you’ll take as you are not ready to make the change to stop smoking. No matter where the trigger comes from, if you are going to act on it then you need to absorb it within yourself and make your reasons to change bigger than your reasons not to. You have to believe in the change enough to go for it and to succeed.

I’ve got a choice just now. I have discovered I have a number of allergies to chemicals which are causing me skin problems. I can either assess my life and try to eliminate the contact with these and address some of the issues, or decide that it’s too difficult to do so. It’s hard because as well as the chemicals I have a significant number of food and environmental allergies and already live quite a restricted lifestyle. But I have the choice to change and use this knowledge to drive me to do that. Use the trigger, think why I am doing it (to have better skin) and put a plan in place. Because a little voice within me is saying I should listen to this advice. And I’m going to listen to that voice. I’m choosing to make the change.

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