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Making the Most of Odd Moments


In our busy lives it’s very rare that we find ‘odd moments’. You know, those times when you arrive early to meet someone, or your train is delayed or a meeting is pushed back for half an hour.

We don’t know what to do with ourselves. Sudden free time, unscheduled activity. I used to be a bit scared of these moments but now I try to make the most of them and use the time to daydream about things that I’d like to do.

Where in the world would I like to visit? What would I like to eat for lunch? Imagine I had a 6-pack… And if there’s something you’re already working towards, use the time to think and get excited about it. Look forward to things!

It’s a tip from Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’. When you get these little windows of opportunity, fill them with hope and positivity. Visualise a great future.

One of the times we get odd moments the most is when we’re ill. Lying on the sofa or in bed unable to do much but think about how rough we feel! This is when I try to do this the most.

Instead of feeling upset I can’t see friends that weekend, I try to plan a really exciting activity for when I’m feeling better. Where will we go? What will I wear? I look up holidays, find out the answers to things I’ve always wondered about… The other bonus to this is that because I am not thinking about feeling ill my body has the chance to recover and my mind is getting a rest.

Make the most of odd moments. It’s nice to just think and just dream. And when the friend you’re meeting does turn up you might just have a brilliant idea or two to open the conversation!

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