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Some Valentine Thoughts


It’s soon to be Valentine’s Day!

I wanted to share some thoughts for all those who are single and all those in relationships, too.


Advantages of being single….

If you want to spend £80 on boots, you can!

You don’t have someone else’s comments (however well-meaning) on what you wear.

When you are not in the realities of a relationship and the associated analysis, you can daydream about how it might be -amazing.

You can study love, plan what you want.

Look at those in bad relationships, think about how lucky you are.

You might be with someone for the rest of your life, this might be your time to do what you really want.

When you are with someone, you are bound to them (with silk ribbons, maybe, but still, you are tied).

You want to be in a place where you would gladly tie those ribbons round your wrists.

Sometimes it’s braver to be on your own.

…as yet undefined by someone’s expectations or limitations.

Love can be the most incredible thing. You raise your chances of finding it the right way by focusing on yourself.

Being single is a chance to work yourself out, become the best possible version of you, so you can get the best possible version of someone else… And they will have no power over your insecurities!

Don’t look enviously at happy couples, know that it is coming your way.

And know that because it exists for them, love can happen for you, too. And will, in its own time.

And know that there are many who haven’t got their dreams but have settled for what they have in case they never get more. It’s all still out there for you, it’s still all open.

You don’t need a red rose to tell you that you’re special (or if you really do, buy yourself one!).

If you’re single, it’s for a reason. You’ve not committed your heart and your feelings because you’ve not met the right person.

Empowerment is a positive choice. You want the right person to meet all your dreams – the silly ones and the deeper ones – it will be worth the wait.

Your ‘little girl/boy dreams’ are still all possible.

You currently have all parts of you to yourself.

And if you’ve met your partner…

And if you have met that perfect person, use this day as a reminder to treasure and appreciate them.

Know that if it really is the ultimate love, it will spill over and create happiness further than just the two of you – because when you have something that special, you unthinkingly share it.

You might argue and fall out and have problems, but there will always be something unquestioned at your core, a feeling that you are meant to be together.

You should feel completely comfortable with your partner, they should love and accept every part of you (even your annoying habits!).

You can’t imagine ever being without them.

Happy Valentine’s Day :-).

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