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My Thoughts on Minimalism


I have been reading a lot recently about the concept of minimalism and can recommend the Becoming Minimalist website if you have yet to visit.

The idea behind minimalism is paring down the things in your life which are not useful or beautiful.

My favourite thoughts on minimalism so far are:

– it frees you up to focus on what’s really important by creating space for the things that matter most.
– it looks different for different people –  we all have things that are excess to us.
– Anything not beautiful or functional for us is excess. Living with less requires less time, money and maintenance, freeing us up.
– “If you are not happy there is nothing you can buy this weekend to change that” (
– We could all think more about what we buy and the reasons behind it.

Thinking more widely about it, I think that too much living in any one way is bad. Our lives work best when they are balanced. So if we only take but never give, buy but never get rid of anything, or work and not play, we are swinging the pendulum too far one way and swinging away from a great life experience.

Most of us are probably swung towards having or doing too many things so may benefit from exploring some minimalism. By using less, it may just help us to live more!

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