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Letting Things Go


I’ve been having a bit of a clear-out recently. I tend to do this each season when I am thinking about the months ahead and feel the need to make space. I think that, to let new things in, we do have to let go of things that no longer fit in our lives. Whether this is an old piece of clothing we will never wear again, papers, books or jewellery or something much greater, like a car or a home, job or person, there is a process to go through.

However, letting something go is an emotional process and the thoughts and feelings involved can’t be underestimated. Some things, you just know it is time. Perhaps it’s broken and can’t be repaired, for example. But no matter the circumstance you still have to experience those emotions!

I find it helps to think logically about why the thing needs to go. Perhaps it’s getting rid of some handbags so you have more space for the ones you have or perhaps it’s writing a list of reasons you are not happy in your current job and understanding that change is needed.

I then, to deal with the emotions, try to feel grateful for all the times myself and the thing or person have had together. Perhaps I will even plan one last time to use something so that I can know it’s the last time and feel good about it.

I said goodbye to my wee car this week. I knew it was time to change it to fit my new circumstances but it was still sad! I thought about all the times we had shared, memories, and took it out for one last run. And said a wee thank you. The closure helped.

The other thing that helped was thinking about what I was saying bye to. It wasn’t all the great moments or happy times, they happened and are there. It was saying bye to having more of the same as it is now. Which, as per my logical list, are no longer right for me. And then getting a little bit excited. Because letting go means letting in. Creating space for life to give you something else it knows will fit perfectly.


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