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End of Year Reflection


Welcome to 2015!  It’s another New Year, full of possibility and hope.

I was talking about the idea of new year with a friend recently and was asking her if she did any kind of end of year reflection.  It’s funny, as we often do it in our careers or after a big life change, but actually the practice of looking back and evaluating is one that’s good to do at this time of year.  What went well in 2014?  What were your challenges?  How did you overcome them?  What are you proud of yourself for?

I like this article, with some ideas for questions to ask yourself.  It’s for school children but some of the questions could easily be adapted for a more adult perspective:

The other lovely idea to do is to write a letter to your future self.  Why not write a letter to yourself to be opened at the end of 2015, outlining what you hope you have achieved?  When you read it this time next year, you’ll have a wonderful feeling of connecting with yourself across time, and may have just surprised yourself with what’s happened through the year.

I love this article – it takes it a bit further and is about writing to yourself 10 years in the future!  What a great teacher this class had:

So this January, why not take a bit of time to reflect back as well as look forward?  You might just find it gives you a bit more clarity on where you are and the you that you want to become in 2015.

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