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Power Songs

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Do you have a power song? A song that never fails to make you feel good, that seems to speak to you, that fires you up for the day?

I have 2 or 3 that help me when I need a boost. Like on my way into work in the morning! Or sometimes I will use a power song for a specific purpose, for example if I am studying for an exam I will listen to the same song while studying and then just before I go in to the exam hall…to fire me up and help me to remember things.


Or if I am on my way to a job interview I will listen to really uplifting, powerful music to give me an extra boost.


There’s some science to this, too. A study at McGill University, Montreal found that your brain releases more dopamine when listening to music you like:


If you haven’t tried using power songs yet then might I recommend embarking on the journey to find one! You’ll discover some great music and just maybe a new (or old!) classic you can draw on in times of need :-).

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