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Starting Each Day


I think it’s really important to have a good start to each day. The things that happen in the middle and at the end are important, too, but a good start can set these up nicely.

I used to not think much about how my days started. I’d go to bed probably too late and rush around and out the door just in time, leaving a trail of destruction behind me. I’d get to where I was going and rely on having a few moments there to relax and get my breath…if I were lucky. The day was upon me immediately.

I’m not sure when I changed what I did but at some point I realised this wasn’t working for me any more and now I do things differently. As soon as my alarm goes off, I get up immediately, no snoozing. It’s different at the weekend but during the week snoozing to me means having to get up twice!

I have a set morning routine which I have time for each part of without rushing (at some point I must have worked out how long each bit takes!). I always eat breakfast (important from the health side) and enjoy coming to, reading the paper or some inspirational quotes from a book. I find this helps to put me in a good frame of mind.

The main thing for me is I don’t like to rush or hurry or feel stressed in the morning and I think having the best start to each day is an investment. Laying out clothes the night before is good, too!

A final thought, get up at exactly the same time each morning. It’s brilliant for the body clock. And get enough sleep, too. I think there are two kinds of tired. Tired as in really can’t get out of bed and tired but with some reserves beneath for once you get going.

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