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Letting Go

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I was finishing up work for a wee holiday today. It’s always the same. You want to finish off as much as possible, not have too much to hand over to colleagues and have a wee tidy so you have a nice desk to come back to. And if you can reduce the size of the inbox ready to receive everything in your absence, even better!

In reality, what usually happens is something comes out of nowhere that needs urgently dealt with, you don’t achieve even half of your list, you barely have time to give your cup a quick rinse and you’re out the door. Frazzled, you remember things you’ve not done on the journey home, and feel stressed about what you will come back to.

This is when the letting go has to happen. There will always be something that there’s not time for. Something that will be forgotten. Something that there will be no time for. And either you can choose to dwell on it or accept it and let it go.

This doesn’t only apply in a work context but in any circumstance where there is limited resource and limited time. We can only do, give and achieve so much until it comes down to the very fabric of our physical and mental selves. And that’s too much to give for anything.

A dear friend reminded me recently that “what we practise, we become”. Practise letting go. Stop before you think you should and accept it. Breathe. Let go. And know you will┬ácome back to it when you’ve had time away to relax and become refreshed.

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