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There’s a good quote about not fearing the future because it can only arrive a day at a time. That’s true in the physical sense but if, like me, you don’t just think about a day at a time the thought of the future and the days and things to come can become overwhelming.

I think of it as a negative spiral. You’re worried about something you have to do tomorrow, perhaps something in work or speak to someone new, go to a new class. The worried and fearful thoughts about this thing, if left unchecked, can easily spill into other areas of your life.

You know how it goes: “I’m not good at my job…and actually I haven’t exercised for ages…and my friend hasn’t spoken to me for a week, maybe she doesn’t want to speak to me any more…and I’m not feeling well today actually…” I call this ‘the cloud’ as before you know it you can feel overwhelmed by everything. It seems to descend on you but actually it came from that one thing that you started off worrying about.
It’s a cliche, but for a reason. We really can only live one moment at a time, do one thing, experience one day. Bitesize chunks, little steps, and try not to let worries about one thing turn into worries about 20 things. I still do this all the time but I am trying to be more conscious of my thoughts, realise when I’m getting out of control and try to laugh at myself “right, Jiillii, here comes the cloud!”.
Still learning but like most things, my worries rarely seem to actually materialise and what I think is a huge black cloud is a slight mist in an otherwise clear sky.One day at a time. One moment at a time. One thought at a time.

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