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A Tidy Sock Drawer


It could just be me but I know a lot of people who enjoy things being neat, tidy and organised. There’s a sense of calm if your surroundings are in order. It usually means your mind is in order. Equally, the act of tidying can be relaxing. Putting things in their place, ordering, organising; you do the same with your thoughts.

For me, I like my sock drawer to be organised. If my socks are all paired, colour-coded and in little neat balls then I feel better about things. On the contrary if I have to rummage through a pile of loose socks to find a pair of the same colour and style then there’s something stressful about that. It’s never good to start your day with a panic trying to find a pair of socks!

To keep things tidy and organised I recommend a little and often approach. One thing I advocate in the workplace is the ‘Friday tidy’. Before you leave for the weekend, spend a wee half hour binning used papers from the week, sort through your files, clean your desk. In doing so, you file away the week, prepare for the new one and have a fresh start on a Monday morning.

A tidy sock drawer. Give it a go!

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