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I’ve spent some time today finding the best image for this site, which I felt reflected the ‘something more to life’ concept. The things in my mind were a blue sky with clouds or rays of sun breaking through (representing how life is always changing and, like the sky, things never stay the same), a close-up of plants or leaves (a reminder to notice everything, appreciate it and enjoy nature), a white feather drifting down from the sky (life’s surprising moments and the fact someone is always thinking about you) or beautiful open landscapes (you need to open yourself out to something more, dream big).

In the end, I settled on my other idea, the dandelion. It reminds me of a poem I wrote about leaving school. In school, everyone develops in broadly the same way, on the same stem, the same ‘clock’. But on leaving, like the dandelion, the seeds fly off in different directions and everyone leads their own lives which go in many different directions.  There is a sense of freedom…the seeds are awaiting the right moment to fly free and have a sense of where they want to go. But it is also random, we need to be prepared to be carried along on winds of change.

The key is to know where you want to go, take the time when you’re still on the stem to think about and plan your ‘something more’ and then when a favourable breeze comes that you know will take you there, let go, trust in the wind and an element of chance , hold your seed parachute tightly as best as you can and see where you land.

Something more is about chances.  But it’s also about space.  If you stay on the stem, you will always know where you will be but if you let go and give yourself up to the winds of change, you have the chance of flying free, out into the space, towards your destination.


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