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I’ve just finished reading a very interesting book – “How NOT to Wear Black”:

It gives an interesting perspective on colour and suggests some reasons why we might not want to wear black. It looks at its role culturally, for example as a religious colour, for mourning or for business. It describes four ‘types’ of people based on colouring and genetic make up and suggests appropriate colours for each to use.

On a softer level, I think colour really can enhance and create a sense of ‘something more’. We all have colours we are naturally drawn to and that people tend to compliment us on. And your day can feel very different if you wear a vibrant colour! Personally, I like to think about the colours I feel like wearing that day and go with that as much as possible. I like to wear scarves and rings and like to coordinate my rings with my clothing. I can also wear more daring colours on accessories than I might in clothing.

I read somewhere else that in an office environment, someone can wear a colour, ie red, and within a few days more people will wear that colour. Apparently it’s a tribal instinct!  Different colours give off a different energy and frequency. In fact, studies have shown that blind children are able to identify different coloured scarves.

This is explained in this book as well as more information about how to use different colours and their energies:

Today’s tip…notice the colours around you, those that others wear, the beautiful and bright shades of nature. And give it a go yourself! Try your day in a new colour and see what it brings you.

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