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It Will Still Be There


I haven’t blogged for a while. I have wanted to but other things have been happening.

There was a time I would feel bad about that (well ok, I do a bit!) but it reminds me of a great piece of advice I heard someone being given.

A girl had been attending one of my dance classes and was unable to go for a few months due to other things happening. On her first night back she was saying how she felt guilty and someone else said to her “Don’t worry, dance will still be here when you’re ready for it!”

It was a nice sentiment but it is actually also very good advice which has stuck with me. And it doesn’t just apply to exercise. We do a lot in our lives and sometimes something happens which means we can’t do everything we usually do or there is a significant development in one area of our lives which means we have to leave aside other things for a while to focus on it. And sometimes that is the best thing to do.

And I like to think that whatever it is you have placed to the side; it will still be there when you’re ready for it.

And if for some reason it’s not then it just means something better is meant for you in the future.

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